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OW IT-Consulting - PORTFOLIO
Olaf Windhäuser and his team help you transforming your business into a fast and secure IT environment. This makes your IT the driving force of your business.
  • Measure your "Return on Cyber" with our Assessment and get an idea about the 5 most important IT-Dimensions in your company. Takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Let us take over responsibilty for as long as necessary to create adhock Business-Continuity for you. Just-in-time.
  • IT-Security is the most important IT cross functionality that exists. Everything is nothing without IT-Security. Hacking is real. You can be next. Let's secure your business.
  • Effective IT-Service-Management based on your level of experience from "Simple Ticketing" to "full blown ITIL-Processes"
  • Experienced Project-Management makes all the difference, especially when transitioning from an older state into a more modern IT-World.
  • Complex products and services need experienced sales support from the technical side. Let us support your sales team selling your products and solutions.
  • Discover a new Autonomic Trading Platform that exists out of 2 Expert Advisors, and an Application-Realtime-Monitoring that can earn money for you fully automatic.
  • Finns vår webbplats och våra tjänster också på svenska? Vänligen byt till vår svenska webbplats här.

OW IT-Consulting - Experience in Numbers

It's a numbers game. We have gained a lot of experience over the years.
  • 24 Years
    Professional IT experience
  • 4500+ Dates
    With Customers + Prospects, in Presales-, Project- and Delivery Situations
  • ~20 Years
    In leading IT positions (CIO, CTO, SVP, Board Member)


We take on management tasks within IT organizations on a temporary basis. We are able to communicate on the technical level as well as on the business level.

We can talk to your administrative technical layer (shop floor) as well as to your business level (top floor) at eye level and thus harmonize their alignment and ensure uniform implementation of the corporate strategy and generate a transient effects within the organization.

This enables us to take on the typical tasks of a CIO, CDO, CTO or of a VP/SVP within a larger company as well as for any IT Services Company.

We can lead the whole IT organisation, but also a group of teams or just one simple team. At the end its all a matter of efficeny.

IT follows business. They have to understand what your business is doing and the IT organiation has to support this as intelligent as possible to be one of the main business drivers of your company.

When we engage we can instantly bridge your gap and give you time to find a new permanent solution without letting your IT organisation hanging loose for weeks or even month. This means that your business continues as usual without building an IT risk in the background. This gives you the necessary Business Continuity. Processes continue to roll and meaningful desicions will be taken based on your existing or even on a changing strategy.

You and your HR-Team have all the time to find a solid future solution for the important management position that has to be filled. The market is tight and it takes often month to find the desired and right manager who should lead your FMO (Future Mode of Operation). We can continue to lead your CMO (Current Mode of Operation) and also help to plan the FMO together with you if necessary.

From a technology standpoint it is not really important to us where you stand at this moment. We can oversee on-premise situations just as well as cloud situations or hybrid situations where the systems are interconnected or nested. And it is also not important if you run 10 servers or 500 servers or anything in between. It's also not important if you built your service on top of Microsoft or Linux, or if you run a wild mixture of those. We will cope with it.

Leading by knowledge and experience is very important to achieve successful results in these complex days where everything changes fast. Business Continuity is just as important, so that your company does not come to a standstill and and processes take on a life of their own because an experienced manager is suddenly absent.

We can also act temoprary or even continously as your "Retained IT-Organisation" and steer and control your Outsourcing or Managed Services IT-Service Provider for you. This gives you all the necessary control, so that someone experienced is there in your organisation who knows your processes and who cares that the IT-Service Provider does the right thing, has qualified personnel working for you and keeps your systems secure. We will also address the necessary changes in your cloud, your network, your application stack to your provider and make sure that they do exact what you want from them. Providers often tend to play ball with customers if they find out that customers do not have enough technical knowledge and experience. This can be easily prevented by taking us as a controlling object into your retained IT organisation.

Empowering IT Security Excellence: Your Trusted Guide in Navigating the New EU NIS2 Directive

In an era where digital threats are constantly evolving, maintaining robust IT security is not just a necessity but a strategic imperative. We are here to lead you through this challenging landscape, offering expertise that aligns perfectly with the latest EU directive, NIS2, focusing on strengthening the security of network and information systems across the European Union.

For Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs): Achieve a Robust IT Security Shield Quickly
Small and medium-sized businesses are often at a crossroads, balancing resource constraints with the need for strong security measures. I understand these challenges and offer streamlined, effective solutions to rapidly elevate your IT security:

  • Password Management: Implementing a robust password manager, ensuring secure, unique passwords for each access point.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Adding an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Swift Patch Management: Keeping systems up-to-date with fast patch management cycles, reducing vulnerability windows.
  • Advanced Firewall Protection: Deploying a professional-grade firewall to serve as the first line of defense against external threats.
  • Comprehensive Malware Defense: Utilizing state-of-the-art Anti-Virus and Anti-Ransomware software for proactive threat mitigation.
  • Secure Offsite Backups: Establishing an offsite backup system, independent of the Active Directory and immutable, to safeguard critical data against catastrophic events.
For Enterprises: A Multi-Layered, Sophisticated Approach to IT Security
Larger enterprises face more complex security challenges, requiring a more layered and sophisticated approach:
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): Implementing SIEM solutions for real-time analysis and tracking of security alerts.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC): Establishing a SOC for continuous monitoring and response to IT security threats.
  • Dedicated Security Departments: Building specialized teams focused on various aspects of cybersecurity.
  • Zero Trust Architectures: Developing Zero Trust solutions tailored to complex enterprise environments, ensuring stringent access controls and verification.
Your Partner in Navigating IT Security Challenges
As seasoned professionals in IT security, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, making us an ideal project lead for both SMBs and larger enterprises. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization, ensuring compliance with the upcoming EU NIS2 directive and beyond. Let's work together to build a resilient, secure digital environment for your business.


Many big companies are working with IT-Service-Management Processes based on ITIL V3 or ITIL 4 Frameworks.

We can work for you in many positions of your service organisation especially in the Operation Processes like Event Management (Monitoring), Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management.

We can take positions within your organisation an overall Service Manager, but also be your Incident-Manager, Problem-Manager, or Change-Manager and help you streamlining and steering your operative processes in your On-Premise-, Cloud or Hybrid Operations.

We can work together with you in CSI (Continual Service Improvement) Processing and drive your Customer experience to much better success rates while enhancing your SLA (Service Level Agreements) with you.

Many providers and companies have to rely on Service-Catalogue-Management which can be the base for your complete operative Marketing & Sales proposal work in conjunction with your complete Backend Service Delivery.

We have developed a 160 page IT-Service-Catalogue for a German IT-Provider in the past which brought together the complete Sales and Delivery Organisations. From the day on that the Service Catalogue was introduced, Sales was offering meaningful and well described services that were completly aligned with their service delivery organisation. Having an End-2-End Service Catalogue means that the Offering-Management can be widely automated since all Service Elements can go into Offering- and Proposal-Systems, CRM and also into the complete Bookkeeping-Process.

With the introduction of the catalogue, the entire company was synchronized as marketing campaigns ran around the available services and sales launched quotes that could be delivered by the service organization.

The service organization no longer struggled with sales quotes that could not be processed because they were out of scope, the quoting department was able to create meaningful and accurate quotes on the front end without having to constantly engage presales and the accounting department was suddenly able to issue meaningful and accurate invoices to customers in a timely manner after the services were delivered to the customers.

As you can see, this creates an end-to-end process in which all departments are ideally integrated. Work is simplified in every department. It suddenly becomes clear which employee profiles are required (so it also affects HR) and, above all, it is extremely important for SMEs to be able to issue correct invoices to all customers promptly in order to build up continuous liquidity.

Answering to RFIs (Request for Information) and RFPs (Request for Proposal) is a breeze when having a full fledged Service-Catalogue available, since the written service descriptions for standard services don't have to be developed newly every time and the standard pricing is also there. So the first version and calculation to a bigger RFP takes only a few hours since it can be klicked widely together whereas it took weeks before the Catalogue was there. Once the first RFP calculation version is there the whole team can now concentrate to sharpen the customer requests in the details and solve the non-standard parts.

This enables smaller providers to join such RFI/RFP Requests whereas they wouldn't be able to take part without such a Service-Catalogue.

To summarize this chapter. We can be a big help for you within your Service-Organisation in various ways since we have a lot of experience what ITIL in a real operation really means.

Project-Management and Transition-Management

Many complex projects require experienced IT managers as "executers" who not only have the necessary technical domain knowledge, but also the eloquence of an experienced manager to ensure that communication with project-participants, employees, partners and customers is correct, structured, friendly and professional.

We are happy to take on such challenges in order to deliver successful projects within time and budget.

We see Transition-Managment as a special and very important form of Project-Managment, since a transition is most of the time a bigger or even huge project with several parallel streams and many different milestones.

Transition can be everything where in general a CMO (Current Mode of Operation) has to be transformed into a FMO (Future Mode of Operation), there can be also a middle step of a CMO+ which is a transition from a CMO into an enhanced CMO+ that is somehow better than the old operations.

This means that Transition can be an Outsourcing-Project, or a transition from an On-Premise Datacenter into a Cloud- or Hybrid Cloud-Situation. It can also be some kind of introducing a Managed Service for a certain part of the overall production or data center operations. It can be the change of the desktop infrastructure, the network infrastructure or any other bigger Change that is driven acc. to ITIL regulations.

We are fully aware that a high number of projects is delayed or even failing due to wrong or missing communication, missing notes, unclear prerequisites and very often politics. Especially outsourcing or managed service projects often tend to get in such phases where changing personnel, changing processes and changing responsible organisations are blocked by certain persons or participants either because they do not understand the situation or the new setup, but mostly because they often do not want to be forced into this new setup.

The complexity that is often inherent in the various technical milestones regularly offers perfect opportunities for those to slow down the process or even bring it to a standstill which will be the reason for "not being within time" and "not being within budget" and thus "failing the projects target". It is not uncommon for real "power struggles" to take place between the people involved in such situations.

Most of the time this can be healed by experienced, correct and in time communication in combination with "drivers rights", so that the project lead can "execute" desicions in order to deliver.

In cloud transition scenarios, the complexity always lies in the application layer. The more applications, with different technology in the form of containers, application servers, different databases and programming languages used, the more difficult the transition from CMO (current mode) to FMO (future mode) becomes.

This requires real experts who can maintain an overview and, particularly in FMO, understand how older technologies can be replaced by newer technologies in order to make the overall structure cloud-capable. In particular, the possibilities of modern clouds above the IaaS (infrastructure layer) play a decisive role here, i.e. topics such as PaaS (Platform as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service) are extremely important in FMO (future mode) scenarios.

The supreme discipline is now not only to migrate this complex structure from "old" to "new", but also to do so in such a way that it is also secure within the new cloud. IT security therefore plays a central role here as well and must always be in the main focus.


Presales is often the hardest service to find on the market, as there are few professionals who can communicate the technical knowledge they have in a structured way.

You often find good technicians with poor communication or good communicators without the appropriate technical knowledge.

We have never seen IT manufacturers or IT service organizations in the past that are full of experienced presales personnel. Usually the sales people fight for the right presales person to accompany them in their important customer meetings.

But in our experience, presales makes all the difference in whether a sales meeting works or not. By the second customer meeting at the latest, the responsible sales representative should be accompanied by a confident person who has a comprehensive technical understanding of how the product to be sold or, more difficult, a service to be sold works in detail.

Nowadays, your sales team very often encounters experienced experts on the customer side who ask specific questions that must be answered correctly and professionally at this point in order to convey the facts and the expertise of your company to the customer. If they do not deliver this at this point, you are usually out and all previous efforts and costs were in vain.

Professional objection handling is absolutely essential in such meetings in order to make it clear to the customer that you are speaking as equals and can meet their requirements. This is a task for experienced Presales experts who, on the one hand, "protect" your sales person because they form a "strong team" together with them and, on the other hand, do not buckle in such stressful situations in which the customer often tries to push their sales person to their limits, but instead keep an overview, remain calm and friendly and point out appropriate solutions.

Professional Presales is one of our absolute core competencies, which we have honed in thousands of customer meetings and which we can now make available to you as a customer via "Presales-as-a-Service". This enhances your sales team with the most important capability to demonstrate competence infront of your prospects and customers.

It is very important to lead the conversation with the customer, but at the same time to write down all the notes professionally so that they can be used to prepare the offer correctly and in detail. It is an art that not many people are able to master - leading a conversation and at the same time writing down exactly what the customer is saying.

These extremely important notes then go into your CRM system or your mailbox so that you have this "recording" permanently and can draw the right conclusions from it.
This is an absolute "must have" since we all know that complex Sales-Processes will run over month, sometimes years until they are won and closed. So the valuable information that is gathered over the complete process needs to be stored in your CRM. - Autonomic Trading

Autonomic Trading is one of the most efficient and elegant trading styles in the market. The trading is being done by robots who buy and sell positions within instruments with your broker and act as a fulltime trader on behalf of you.

Since "Automation" is one of our core competencies for many years and since we do have a background in building a trading & securities bank in Germany in 2009, we developed the necessary Trading Software therefore over the last years because we thought that there must be a better and more comfortable way for traders to earn money without sitting in front of the screens all day long.

We have achieved now an extraordinary software-platform that can make money for you every day. The platform runs as an extension of Metatrader 4, which is the worlds leading trading environment.

Our autonomous trading platform consists out of a trading expert-advisor that we call "PowerScalper". This is the trading engine that can earn money for you day by day.

Markets are under heavy changes all the time therefore we build a technical partner for the PowerScalper which is our "Profit-Management Expert-Advisor. This robot controls the PowerScalper, so that things do not get out of hand. It also connects the trading environment via our Java-API with a Real-Time-Account-Monitoring solution so that you as a human will maintain the complete overview over all running trading actions that the expert-advisors are executing.

Experienced Traders will love the whole setup and scenario. Experienced IT experts are able migrate to successful traders in virtual no time by subscribing to our Tool-Suite.

The products will be online and buyable from February 2024 under the following Website:

Whom do we address with Interim-, Project-, Transition- and IT-Service-Management, as well as with Presales-Services?

Our interim management services as CIO, CDO, CTO, VP/SVP, Program- or Project Leads addresses virtually every bigger company worldwide who needs an experienced and structured IT manager who is able to adress the existing technical layer, as well as the C-level above it. We have the capabilities to adress your "Shop-Floor" exactly in the same manner than your "Top-Floor". Every experienced sales leader knows that if you sell complex products or services you need to align those 2 layers to be successful.

Streamlining Service Processes acc. to ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) helps every bigger organisation worldwide. Continual Service Improvement means constant learning and will be the guarantee factor that your company will continue to exist in the future. The introduction of an End-to-End Service Catalogue can change your whole company and makes every department but more over the whole concert much better than before.

If your company relies on IT-processes and you have grown to a decent size professional IT-Service-Management is not a nice-to-have factor and it is also not a fact of "Having a tool for it". It is all about creating the right process, introducing it into the company and let the process drive the people. From our point of view its a "life saving excersize" that enables your company to deliver customer excellence, saves money, gives you the right personnel, creates liquidity and is one of your absolute future drivers.

Have you ever heard about "Presales-as-a-Service"?

Our "Presales-as-a-Service" services are suitable for manufacturers and IT system providers who address medium-sized and large customers all over the world. We provide 95% of our services remotely from Sweden and work with tools such as Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco Webex etc. in English and also in German language. German is our mothertongue, but we also provide appointments or our complete work just as well in English language for you. We can be your first footstep into Europe or Germany or the DACH-Region to speak efficently with first-hand-customers in this region. We are efficient with the UTC +1 (winter) or UTC +2 (summer) time.

We work on the basis of hourly rates, daily rates or contingents to be purchased, which you can book with us. Our CEO has conducted more than 4,500 customer meetings with medium-sized companies and major customers in his lifetime.

We have frequently been in 1:many meetings and know how to speak to the technical administration level as well as to the C-level. This means that you always receive "fluid, technically correct communication", which can then be continued and concluded by your own sales staff. We can visit you at the beginning of an engagement and for a monthly meeting, nevertheless our preferred methode of working with you is completly remote via email, chat and videoconferencing.

Here is OW IT-Consulting's & Olaf Windhäuser's standard toolbox

What will you receive from us?
  • Easy Ramp-Up Service

    We try to find in into your challenge asap. We won't be a new challenge or problem to you, we will help you solving your challenges as fast as possible with the necessary quality and speed needed.
  • High Motivation and professional Service

    We will treat you, as well as your employees and your customers absolutely professional and we work with high motivation so that the project tasks will get ready as soon as possible. We will make sure that things get done.
  • Experience and Self-taught learning and implementation

    Give us access and the existing information, as well as the target description and we will make sure that your project will work, your team will be working or your product will be explained and sold in a high professional manner.

About OW IT-Consulting AB

OW IT-Consulting AB is an experienced IT consulting company that delivers projects on time and on budget for its international customers. The entire website is written in a "we-style".

We are

  • Olaf Windhäuser, experienced IT consultant with more than 24 years of experience in various IT positions from administrator to IT managing director

  • Magdalene Windhäuser, experienced office manager and the woman who organizes everything in the background

  • A Partner Delivery Network that has grown over 20 years and with which any IT-Management situation can be mastered quickly.

We have seen many different IT organizations and IT configurations in our lives. We have seen the inside of about 20 different data centers. We have worked in physical, virtual, hybrid and pure cloud environments in the past. These include both large on-premise and complex multi-cloud environments.

We have more than 20 years of experience in professional IT environments. We know that an experienced manager has to bring together today's complex compliance requirements such as ISO27001, ISO9001, GDPR, PCI, MiFID, Basel, BAIT etc. with the implemented technology stack. This can be particularly challenging in cloud environments.

We are available for interim management situations as CIO, CDO, CTO or VP/SVP or as Project Lead for the rapid implementation of complex computing projects. In the past, we have built and managed teams and departments, created entire IT environments from scratch or carried out cloud migrations.

If bringing an experienced, positive thinking manager into a situation on a temporary basis is important to you, then this could be the right approach for you until you have found a new stable solution.

We have a very good understanding of operational ITIL processes, as well as DevOps environments. Having seen many IT departments over the years, we know that some customers have implemented ITIL in a structured way, while other customers only manage incident management and work largely freely in the other processes.

We can also work as a presales director or presales manager for you, as we have the technical skills necessary to learn products or services and then work with your sales team to bring them technically to your customers. We can speak and argue freely and confidently, give presentations or create live demos. We give your products or services the quality and security "in front of the customer" that you need. We are happy to write clean meeting minutes in your CRM system or mailbox, so that you always have a lasting impression and your sales team feels safe because they have an experienced professional contact at their side who can lead the conversation, handle objections and offer your customers added value.

We are aware that complex projects run in longer sales cycles. Now you can buy in as much top-quality presales support as you need.

Curriculum Vitae

Download CV

You can download a PDF file here that contains the CV of Olaf Windhäuser. Since the CV contains a lot of personal data it is secure encrypted. Please send us a short message and we will send you the necessary password therefore.
Company Presentation

Download Company Presentation

You can download a PDF file here that contains our company presentation.

OW IT-Consulting Reference Examples

Those projects were all led by Olaf Windhäuser
Huge Telco Provider B2B-End-Customer Management

Created a MSA (Master Service Agreement) with a large European Telecommunications company and addressed a joint managed service for the end-customers of that company. End customer sizes were around 30 to 500 end-user seats per company. Did all the presales and loads of cloud migration projects with them. Operated several different Managed Services for those customers.

Built a complete Trading & Securities Bank

Built a German securities trading-bank in Frankfurt from scratch. Built the complete datacenter, the network, the IT-Team, the office environment all from scratch. Consulted the software-development company who developed the trading client in Java. Operated the IT-business for several thousand users on the trading servers.

Built and Operated Managed Service for an Airline Network

Created a managed service for one of the biggest airline holding companies on the planet. Operated their office environment for many years. Did several bigger projects together with them. Migrated the HQ from Europe to Asia. Worked together over 11 years with 4 different CIOs.

Developed an Autonomic Trading Environment for the B2C-User

Created and optimized an intelligent trading expert-advisor, as well as a monitoring expert-advisor, a Java API for realtime data transfer, as well as a realtime React-JS Account Monitoring Application inkl. a graphical Data Analysis Warehouse. Built the complete system end-2-end and negotiated several contracts with various global brokers to use the software in copytrading environments.

Quotes from our OW IT-Consulting Network
What do customers, peers, partners or employees say?
LinkedIn Quotes
Here are voices from our highly valued network. We would like to give you a 360-degree view of how others have experienced working with us. You will see voices from customers, colleagues, partners and also employees with whom we have worked or are working for many years. We have collected these voices on our LinkedIn profile, where they can be viewed in the same way.


Please click on the cards to proceed forward or see a full card.
Thorsten Hilger
Cloud & Automation Enthusiast | Head of Cloud Operations
I had the pleasure of working with Olaf during my tenure as VP AI Projects at arago. Olaf was representing Sysback, a partner company collaborating with arago on various projects. Throughout our collaboration, Olaf consistently demonstrated exceptional expertise, professionalism, and dedication to delivering high-quality results.In addition to his technical proficiency, Olaf's strong communication skills and collaborative nature greatly enhanced the synergy between our teams.
Overall, I highly recommend Olaf for any role that requires a skilled and reliable professional. His combination of technical expertise, dedication, and interpersonal skills makes him a valuable asset to any team or project. It was a pleasure working with Olaf, and I have no doubt that he will continue to excel in his future endeavours.

Markus Lind
Enterprise Account Manager
I worked together with Olaf in his CTO role in the Datacenter Space in several projects and we implemented IaaS and SaaS Solutions and Transformerd Customers of Deutsche Telekom with professional Managed Services in Cloud and Security solutions. I can recommend him as a Truly Professional within IT Services Sector with a visionary understanding of the Cloud Service Space.
Georg Diczig
Head of Development / Project Leader
I have known Olaf for over 20 years. Our first joint assignment was the implementation of an ERP system.
At the time, Olaf managed the client's network and was also responsible for IT support. Other projects followed over the years. What I particularly appreciate about Olaf is his reliability and his ability to communicate
complex issues to the customer in a comprehensible fashion.
Olaf has a very good grasp of things and knows how to translate customer requirements into technical solutions.
He is aslo a very good project manager who always implements his projects within the planned time and budget.
Frank Lansink
Early Stage Investor
Olaf has been instrumental in our G2M efforts for the DACH region when he was heading solution engineering. His incredible personality, deep knowledge and persistence was pivotal for many of the solutions we provided to enterprises in Europe.
Christoph Ferdinand
Olaf is one of those rare individuals who are extremely talented, experienced and reliable and at the same time down to earth. When I hired him into IPsoft I did not know him previously. We were a small highly motivated beach head of IPsoft in Germany and he immediately slotted in perfectly. In record time he made himself acquainted with the ins and outs of our portfolio and technology and provided our 'sales pitch' with the credibility and clout to drive deals to the closure stage. I would always hire Olaf again if such opportunity lends itself.
Harald Kiehle
CEO / Managing Partner
Olaf and I worked together for several years in challenging customer situations as business partners on joint client engagements. I appreciate very much his capability to quickly understand and analyse complex IT dependencies and architecture issues. Olaf has an in-depth knowledge of a broad set of technologies and modern tools and is always able to present several alternatives how to either fix issues or to present future oriented solutions. Olaf is a very good listener and explainer and communicates as well on technical as on management level to customers.
Per Ottosson
In the IT world many solutions are put to use only to discover they do not work and extensive rewrites have to happen. Take Mercedes electric cars that present the handles - hang the system - and then forget to unlock the car leaving the driver and passengers outside waiting for a 12 minute reboot. What you really want in IT is to rely on someone who has put planes in the sky and made sure they didn't crash. You need Olaf!
Saket Prabhakar
Manager IT-Service-Management
Olaf and I worked together during my time at a major airline alliance. Our collaboration came about through an RFP (Request for Proposal) that Olaf and his presales team responded to and won. Our collaboration lasted for several years and his team delivered a portfolio of managed services including cloud services. The delivery of services was based on the ITIL framework and Olaf did a great job of adapting his team to how a German mid-sized IT service provider should deal with a global, international customer. We had a lot of "smooth IT service meetings" in our regular operations because the services, in combination with the on-site staff provided, simply worked within the agreed service level agreements. At the end of our collaboration, Olaf and his team changed our IT architecture and moved our headquarters over from Frankfurt to Singapore. Olaf planned the entire architecture and the team carried out the move remotely, as this happened during Covid times and they could not work on-premise. The move was completed within the agreed time and at the agreed cost.

I can fully recommend Olaf from my side as a customer, as he is always precise, friendly, motivated, and highly professional, both in English and in the German language.
Heike K. Stein
What do I value about Olaf Windhaeuser? He is an IT visionary with heart and mind, he is a practitioner and manager in equal measure, he is both a team player and assertive and, above all, he is loyal.

Olaf is a self-made man in the very best sense of the word. And he's a really great networker, which benefits everyone who works with him. I have had the pleasure of working with him for over 20 years in very different constellations - as a contractor, as a cooperation partner and as a client. Especially during my time in the management of a well-known mail order company, the tasks were varied, e.g. the IT for all locations had to be redesigned without losing employee acceptance. IT security and future viability were also major issues. Olaf was a brilliant consultant in every situation and a reliable partner who had his team in good control at all times.

After many years in the 'business', Olaf has retained the talent to describe complex relationships in such a way that they are also easily understood by people who are not so familiar with the IT world. This makes Olaf a mediator between the world of technology and the world of business, who can talk to both the CEO and the IT manager of a company at eye level. That's rare these days and it makes working with him easy and quick.

I like working with people who are clear-eyed, mentally quick and passionate about their job - with Olaf, all joint projects, no matter how complex and demanding, have been a big pleasure. I like his constructive, goal-oriented work, his innovative ideas and his curiosity for new things. So a recommendation from me with at least three exclamation marks!
Rudolf Kergassner
VP Sales
Olaf war eine wichtige Stütze in der Entwicklung und Führung der IPsoft in der DACH-Region.
Wir waren gemeinsam in sehr vielen großen Sales-Projekten, die sich alle um das Thema Data Center oder Netzwerk Automatisierung drehten.
Olaf ist ein top Experte im Thema Automatisierung und ein wahrer Presales Profi in all seinem Handeln.
Wir haben Angebote und Verträge mit führenden DAX und MDAX Konzernen entwickelt und verhandelt, die technisch sehr anspruchsvolle Prozesse in deren IT-Systemen abbildeten.
Olaf sorgte immer dafür, dass die Kunden abgeholt wurden. Er hat die Fähigkeit, Experten auf Kundenseite in unterschiedlichen Themen qualifiziert und überzeugend zu begegnen. Er verfügt eine große Bandbreite an Fachwissen.
Sein sehr breites technisches und wirtschaftliches Verständnis sorgte immer dafür, dass unser Vertrieb immer höchste Kompetenz demonstrierte und die notwendigen Einsparungen auf Kundenseite aufzeigte. Unsere Zusammenarbeit war jederzeit hochprofessionell und hat viel Freude bereitet.
Bogdan Canda
Managing Director
Olaf and I have encountered each other in various situations on many levels and in different roles in life. At the executive level, he advised me in my roles as CEO and CIO. In the consulting realm, we worked collaboratively as a team across various corporations and in the mid-market sector. On the entrepreneurial level, we collaborated in the development of the Synchronic Transformation, and last but not least, we know each other on a personal level. With this 360° perspective, I am giving this recommendation for Olaf.

Olaf is one of the most brilliant minds in the field of IT. He has an extremely broad and precise knowledge base. He is passionate about technology while always remaining business-relevant. His approaches and solutions bring quantifiable added value for both the organization and the business. His professional and personal life experience makes him a valuable sparring partner for any executive. Olaf is not only excellent in his field but also as a leader; people trust and follow him.

A structured, partner, critical thinker, and innovator with his heart in the right place.
Karina-Nicole Stoilov-Jäger
Managment Assistant
During our professional time together, we have experienced many highs and some structural changes.
Olaf distinguished himself, not only in the interest of our customers, among other things by keeping a "cool head" and analyzing situations in a structured, precise and logical way and working out a solution in a team. Olaf is able to explain things in such a way that even someone without expert knowledge can easily understand what the challenge is and what the possible solutions could look like (which, as I have learned, is not a matter of course in the IT industry).
I learned a lot during our time together and always had the opportunity to get involved in very different areas.
Working with him will be enriching in many ways and you certainly won't know any less at the end.
I have no doubt that working with him will be successful and that your "problem" will be in good hands.
Frank Haines
SVP Sales
In unserer gemeinsamen Zeit bei SYSBACK haben wir, neben vielen Projekten, die Partnerschaft mit der Deutschen Telekom erfolgreich ausgebaut. Der von Olaf in dieser Zeit entwickelte Servicekatalog hat das GtM und die Leistungserbringung sehr positiv unterstützt. Nur ein kleiner, aber wichtiger, Auszug einer sehr konstruktiven und partnerschaftlichen Zusammemarbeit.
Oliver Löschner
Senior Account Manager ISV
When Olaf joined our team at IPSoft, it changed our way to engage at CTO / CIO level from day 1. His seasoned, well tempered leadership combined with sharp vertical and strategic knowhow in the Enterprise ICT domain is one important aspect. The other is his ability to look out-of-the-box and to think intuitively always striking a balance between customer needs and delivery capabilities. His kind of credibility , swiftness of action paired with long-term considerations both the team and customer side, made him a true asset and - still valued companion - in my long working history in this great industry.
Jan Pavel
Experienced IT Business Analyst / Consultant
I was cooperating with Olaf on development and introduction of a CFD trading platform. Olaf was really precisely taking care of planning and managing all the necessary IT infrastructure. It was a pleasure to cooperate with him.

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